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I'm always open to new challenges and opportunities.

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Fresh new designs?

As a surface designer, I can help you stay on trend and keep your product line new and fresh.
I can differentiate your goods from your competitors’ with unique minimalist prints and illustrations.

Custom Design

If you are after a completely unique design tailored to your brand, then a custom design may be for you. This process involves at least one consultation, and allows you to decide on motifs, color, scale and the overall theme and feeling you wish to invoke for your brand!


If you’ve seen a design on Instagram or on my website, you can purchase a license to use it. Designs not already sold or licensed, can be purchased either Exclusively or Non Exclusively depending on your needs and budget. All existing designs can be altered in color and scale, however this may incur additional fees.

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I love companies who are excited about the future and prepared to invest in good design.
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